Scheme of the banka massage (enlarge)
Banka massage.

Scheme of the banka massage
Banka massage. In the basis of the banka massage effect is a reflex method based on hyperemia arising, on irritation of skin's receptors by vacuum created in the banka. Under the banka massage influence repipheral circulation of blood, lymph and intertissue liquid becomes better. Stagnation is ellminated. Metabolism and dermal respiration in the massaged segment of a body are intensified. Skin becomes more elastic, its resistance to temperature and mechanical factors is increased, muscles retracting function is improved, and tone and elasticity of muscles are increased. In applying of the vacuum therapy, sebaceous and perspiration glands secrete their extract. The extract contains, besides salts, urea, acetone, bile acids, which in certain concentrations are toxic for an organism, this makes it possible to compare the banka massage method with the bath effect.
Banka massage technique.
The massaged surface is greased with heated oil, massaged cream or Vaseline. One or two banki are set, dosing the vacuum force by squeezing of the cylinder. Doing this, one must take into consideration the patient skin's sensitiveness. Then using attached banka, one must make sliding massage movements in direction shown on figure. The movements may be straight-line, circular, zigzag. The time of massage is individual, till cteady hyperemia appears (3-10 minutes). Procedures are carried out every day. The number of procedures depends on the patient's condition, and it may be equal to 5-10. After carrying out of all the procedures the patient needs rest for not less than half an hour in a room, where the temperature is not below 18?C.

1. With osteochondrosis, one makes sliding massage movements from the loins to the cercial vertebra. Special attention must be paid to massaging of paravertbal areas 2-3 cm far from spine acanthae. The movements are straight-line. At the same time the banka is moved upwards with effort, so that a skin fold "goes" in front of the banka. Down movements are made without effort. 1a. With neck osteochondrosis, the banka circles around the seventh vertebra (in order to find it, one must incline his head, the most protruding vertebra is the seventh one).The movements are made clockwise without touching of the seventh vertebra, the number of movements is odd (from 11 to 15). After that the massage of trapezoidal muscle is made from head to shoulders.

1а. With colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, one must massage from lower corners of shoulder blades to shoulders (on the back), the lateral sides of chest and also from breastbone's xiphosternum to left and right shoulders. Under the banka massage influence sputum comes out, breathing becomes better. Body temperature is lowered. After the procedure the patient must be covered with a blanket. He must take a glass of tea with or raspberry.

2. With myosites of lumbar muscles, one must massage along loins. With myosites of forearm muscles, one must massage back muscles of neck and back. With lumbosacral radiculitis, one must massage the loins area, and if the pain irradiates to leg, the back surface of leg must to leg must be massaged from the popliteal space to the cluneal tuck.

3.With cellulites, the banka massage of muscles of hips and buttocks is carried out. The movement of the banka is circular, zigzag, straight-line. (The movements of each kind must be repeated 5-6 times). Under the banka massage influence lipoblasts are mechanically broken. To intensife the effect, the massaged surface may be greased with anticellulitis cream. The massage course lasts one month. Attention! One must not massage the inner hip surface, or if the patient has herniotomy and appendectomy.

4. In order to improve the immunity of patients with long-lasting diseases and enfeebled patients, the method of autoheniotherapy is applied. It means applying of the banka on buttock's skin on 30-60 times in a great vacuum mode. The massage course lasts ten days.

5. What the patient has a trauma, the massage is applied for the normalition of blood flow and lymph flow, for the elimination of pain syndrome, for the resorption of edema and hematoma, for the regeneration and the reparation of tissues, for the normalization of the oxidation-reduction processes. One starts to massage above the injured place (the reflexive-distractive massage), descending little by little to the parts adjoining the injured area.

Physiotherapeutic "banki" procedure.

The medical effect of the physiotherapeutic "banki" procedure is realized by means of the vacuum, which causes the local rush of blood and lymph to skin from deep lying tissues, which exerts the reflex influence on vessels of internal organs. Besides, the biological active substances are sunthesized in the influenced area. These substances stimulate the metabolic and restoration processes.
- Inflammation of respiratory organs: bronchitis, pneumonias, disease-prevention measures for hypostatic pneumonias. - Acute and chronic myosites, neuromyosites, neuntes and perineurites, osteochondroses.
Order of the work.
· One must banki twice within 10 minutes by robbing them over with a gauze or coarse calico napkin moistened in the 3% hydrogen dioxide solution with addition of 0.5% of the "Lotos" type detergent or in the 1% chloramines solution.
· When the "banki" procedure is carried out, the patient may sit or lie. For the better banka attaching it is recommended to grease skin with boric Vaseline or sterilized oil.
· In order to put the banka, one must strongly squeeze ots cylinder approximately in the middle, put the banka's neck tightly to skin and release.
· Whet placing banki on the child's body, it is necessary to observe the vacuum dose by incomplete squeezing of the banka, considering the child's age.
· After the procedure one removes the banka, squeezing its cylinder with finfers.
- The "banki" procedure lasts 20-25 minutes. The medical course is individual.

Contraindications for the banka massage and for the physiotherapeutic "banki" procedure. Pulmonary bleedings, active stage of consumption, malignant tumors and bening tumors, hemorrhagic diathesis, skin diseases and abrupt sensitiveness of skin, blood diseases, considerable patient's attrition, irregularity of the heart rhythm and conductivity, idiopathic hypertensia of the third degree. Banki must not be placed on spinal column, on the region of heart and kidneys, on woman's mammary glands. All the procedures must be submitted to the consulting doctor's approval.


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